Dualling the 5.9 mile (9.5 km) Glen Garry to Dalwhinnie project will includes a new grade-separated junction at Dalnaspidal and Drumochter lodge. The carriageway will be split-level through the Pass of Drumochter, with the  National Cycle Network Route 7 (NCN7) located on the west side.

The A9 crosses five major watercourses in this area and, where it does, all existing structures will be replaced or upgraded to accommodate the new dual carriageway.

The estimated total scheme cost for this project is £245m at April 2023 prices.

Five miles to the south of Dalwhinnie, the A9 runs through the Pass of Drumochter, Gaelic for 'high ridge' which, is the main mountain pass between the north and south-central Highlands.


At 460 metres (1508 feet), Drumochter Summit is the highest point on the A9.

Details of the design and planning stage, including environmental mitigation measures, and relevant documentation such as made orders and environmental statements can be viewed on Transport Scotland’s website

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